Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Photos from Azrou.

Overlook of Azrou from just outside our compound:

With the lovely Marissa:

Training session on how to aim for the Turkish toilets:

Studying with Faye and Kate:

Ice cream sign near the park (be sure to read the French slogan and question its appropriateness in a conservative Muslim culture):


Gold Country Girl said...

No way on the toilet training! I though that camping experience would totally have me covered!


Krista said...

are you really wearing a watch? woah.

you look very happy, my dear friend. so glad to see! big love to you...k

jill said...

what a beautiful country! and no, you shouldn't be missing the desert right now. yesterday was the first day of fall and it was 104 degrees! yuck.

can i send you mail? just a little bubble envelope... should i send it to the address on the blog?

miss you, and so glad you are having fun!