Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Endi portabl -- call me!

That’s right – I’ve joined the 21st century and finally procured a cell phone here in Morocco. Last night was my first overseas phone call, from my favorite little brother – it was so good to hear your voice, Matt!

Email me, y’all, if you want my number. I would LOVE to hear from those of you stateside, if your calling plan offers reasonable international calls, but no way am I able to afford calling overseas. Or, if you use Skype, you can call me for free … I really need to get one of these young’uns to get me signed up with Skype so I can make calls from the cyber.

Thanks, by the way, to those of you who are keeping in touch … you’ve no idea how much a word or two of encouragement props me up for the rest of the day!


My stage had our first elections last evening, for our representative on Peace Corps Morocco’s Gender and Development Committee. I ran, against two awesome young women, and I’m excited to have won. We’ll meet several times a year to discuss ways to increase awareness of gender and equality issues, both among other volunteers and in the communities we serve.

The Youth Development sector has a special focus on the education and empowerment of young Moroccan women—it’s what made me so sure this location was the perfect fit for me. I can’t wait to get started.


After two weeks of intensive language training in Immouzzer, I finally found myself beginning to understand the stray phrase or two, and even to string together one or two of my own. We learned present and past tense, and I’ve memorized a handful of infinitives (well, there actually aren’t infinitives in Darija, but I don’t want to put you to sleep with an explanation).

Now we’re back in Azrou, with the full Youth Development group, for some teaching methodology and seminars on gender issues, SIDA (AIDS), harassment and other topics. Need to keep going over the language I’ve learned so far, lest I lose the little progress I’ve made. As you can see, my dear friend Trish and I are plenty confused already:

Training so far in a nutshell: Not enough language procurement, personal hygiene or exercise; lots of busy work, babysitting and CYA; plenty of cultural readjustment; laughter still overriding irritation. Inching along, which is better than the “two steps forward and 10 miles back” of my favorite BSOJC lyric.

Tomorrow marks one month since we arrived in Morocco -- we're a third of the way through training. Guess that's more than two steps forward.

Quote of the day.

“One lives but once in the world.” – Goethe


Melissa said...

Oh, you twenty-first century goddess! How fab to have a cell phone. Sadly my plan does not offer international calls and, being a single income household, right now we can't add it. I would have mailed in my vote for you to represent Morocco on the Gender and Development Committee in a heartbeat! Empowerment? Oh, yeh, its all over you! You're the best.

Hillary Lynn said...

shbeckia! it was great to get a message from you:) it has been the pleasure having you around CBT .. u have made this part of PCT better in so many ways u will never know the vodo that u do to me:) ready to head back yet or maybe another qwha downtown at the suq in Azrou:)
see u in yet again another "worth while" workshoP!

Krista said...

ahhh...the infinite wisdom of the BSOJC! Love the pics. Super great to see your smiling face. I have so much to report and will carve out time tomorrow for a full update...and man, do I have the funniest story for you! I have added yet another truly unique awkward situation to my "I never want to experience this again!" collection. I love you! Miss you tons.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becki, love seeing your pictures and hearing the latest on Morocco. Busy work, from a bureaucracy, I don't believe it??? Also I sent you an email about an LSE friend teaching English in Rabat. Hopefully you can talk with him at some point. Thinking of you!


Anna Jo said...

I'll look into that international calling plan:-) So far, it's involved a London calling card, but pretty sure they make one for Morocco, too!