Sunday, August 23, 2009

"I'm somebody now!"

-- Steve Martin in "The Jerk," on seeing his name in print ... in the phone book

Eight months after filling out my application, then getting my receipt stamped month after month ... after month ... at the gendarmerie, I finally have my carte de sejour. This is my official work card, similar to Moroccans' carte nationale, except that of course I am not a citizen.

I'll miss the authority with which the local gendarme would faithfully stamp my little piece of paper each month, but I can still get a taste of that whenever I pick up a package at the post office.

As if my work card weren't enough, I also finally received a stack of 100 very official-looking business cards -- English (above) on one side, Arabic (below) on the other. Spiffy, no?


MollyinLincoln said...

Cool! Your name is beautiful in Arabic. That would make a nice tattoo.


jill said...

ooh la la!!