Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Anny and me displaying my new rug, designed and woven by the women she works with.

After returning from Spain, I visited my friend Anny's site, a very remote collection ofdwayers (tiny villages) east of Taroudant. Anny is always such a wonderful host ~ a peaceful, cozy home, a courtyard/yoga studio and a kitchen from which the most amazing concoctions come. She's leaving me in a couple of months, her two years of service having come to an end, and I really don't know what I'll do without her.

Members of Anny's weaving association.

The visit was arranged so I could thank the members of the weavers' association she's been working with for the amazing new rug they designed and created for me. The center says "Salam" ~ Peace ~ in Arabic script. It's so beautiful and will be a lifelong reminder of everything I have experienced in Morocco.

The association does amazing work, at reasonable prices, with wool they dye themselves. You can see some of it here and even commission your own order.

We also helped the association hand out sacks of flour and other staples (sugar, tea, etc.) to community members as part of the Ramadan invective to help those less fortunate. It was a beautiful morning, and it felt good to be doing something, no matter how small. The tiny Berber women were appreciative of the help in hauling the heavy flour sacks out to the road; their menfolk would come pick it up by donkey but, the women said, were too embarrassed to be seen accepting charity. Not too embarrassed to send their wives, mothers, grandmothers to do it, however.

Helping load sacks of flour during Ramadan.

Happy 48th birthday, Peace Corps!

On Sept. 22, 1961, President Kennedy signed the act inaugurating Peace Corps.

Unlike anyone in my staj here in Morocco, at least the agency itself is older than I am.

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