Wednesday, February 24, 2010

From the old country.

I haven’t found time, since returning from my latest foray up north, to do a darned thing I plan to do ~ mostly because other opportunities keep coming up, such as in the form of old friends who rush me in the street ~ fin knti? (Where have you been?) ~ and ordering/ushering me to their homes for tea. Such is the case again this evening, which will further delay a long-delayed new blog post.

Meanwhile, here’s what welcomed me at the post office yesterday:

Mmm … Chohula, how I’ve missed you! Black beans! Curry! Conditioner! Books!!! And multiple other goodies. Thanks for the love, Mom and Dad! (Oh, and a lovely holiday postcard from the Phoenix photogs)

A first batch of letters from my new World Wise Schools penpals ~ shoutout to Beveridge Magnet Middle School in Omaha. Their questions are perceptive, their enthusiasm infectious. They even included a roundup of Nebraska news clippings. Thanks for writing, y’all, and I will respond very soon!

Umm … this one’s a little hard to get excited about. At least I know I don’t owe any money.

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