Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Category: Random.

OK, this is one of the stranger videos I've seen while visiting the host family. A Moroccan singer/guitarist with a growly Sheryl Crow voice, English lyrics, a cowboy/sheriff-type character wielding a big stick, prisoners in '30s-era stripey uniforms a la "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" ... and a deep desire to perform on "The Muppet Show"? Yeah, those themes all converge quite nicely. Enjoy!

Promise I'll post an update on our Spring Camp in Taroudant just as soon as I fully recover ... which should be sometime in October. Short version: It was awesome, thanks to a truly spectacular group of volunteers. Thank you Ali, Ariel, Joy, Laila, Lori, Matt, Michelle, Nicole, and Vish-o!

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william lauer said...

Drives me nuts how she lets her hair cover her face. I notice stuff like that.