Monday, July 12, 2010

La Majorelle.

Palm tree takes a nap.

Sitting here in my house in the desert, fan aimed directly on me at all times (when I'm not taking a cold shower, that is), doing anything to avoid going out in the 110-degree heat, I fantasize about my visit last week to La Majorelle in Marrakech.

The Majorelle garden is a lush oasis of dank dark earth and green growing things, nirvana for a gardener far from her garden. I nearly burst into tears as soon as I entered and inhaled the scent of growth. There's a substantial cactus garden, a variety of blooming exotics (early July must have been the best possible time to visit), ornate fountains and tiles, cascading succulents and spikes, pots and trellises painted in vivid blues, oranges and yellows.

I could live here. Right alongside Yves St. Laurent's ashes.

Yellows and greens and reds, dozens of cactus varieties.

Bamboo, inscribed.

Me in all my hchuma touristy glory.


Joy said...

becki! i'm so glad you enjoyed it. what a refreshing place in kech!!

william said...

I had to Google Yves St. Laurent. Shirley, that doesn't surprise you. And his ashes are there why?

katie said...

It was great meeting you in 'kech, Becki! Glad you enjoyed the garden. I will make a point of going there next time I'm in 'kech (I LOVE gardens!). Thanks for sharing those photos. Hope to see you again soon.