Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year, new horizons.

My Peace Corps service is already beginning to feel so far away. Sometimes too far away. I've been home about 6 weeks now ~ depending on your definition of home. The city where I've spent most of my adult life and where I do feel most at home, even though my current address is the computer room of my brother's family's home. I'd like to stick around, but job possibilities are slim. Slim everywhere, of course. Something will, eventually, take me somewhere new. Good thing I learned those patience and flexibility skills PC is always touting.  

I spoke again yesterday, Skype to cell phone, with my host family in the village half a world away. Are you forgetting your Arabic? was my host mum's first question. Not yet, which is kind of surprising. For her part, my host sister is still doggedly determined to learn English and bestowed a variety of new phrases upon me. (My favorite, when I admitted that, no, I haven't found a new job yet: Oh, I am sorry. I am so, so, so, so sorry.)  

This is likely to be the end of this blog. New adventures await me elsewhere, and new adventures await my friends in the village ~ not to mention the new Peace Corps volunteer there. (You can follow her journey here:

Or, who knows? Maybe I'll keep dropping little tidbits here from time to time. Random recovered memories, updates on my Moroccan or Peace Corps friends, news links, related miscellanea. Such as: 

* My Gender and Development Committee colleague Cortney coordinated a fantastic, 35-minute film featuring Moroccan women who've made successful change in their lives and communities. It really is so good, and I hope you'll take the time to watch Part 1 and Part 2 on YouTube. 

* This piece is beyond snarky ~ and debunks a lot of ridiculous stereotypes about Islam and Muslims. Often hilariously. 

If you come away from this blog with any thoughts, questions, ideas or something to say about it all, I hope you will post a comment. I don't have any idea what comes next; I only know that the past two-plus years, while often difficult in so many ways, were also immensely fulfilling and have left me full of love, gratitude, inspiration and, most of all, hope ~ for the developing world, the western world, and the bridge in between. 


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