Sunday, May 9, 2010

Around the house.

I recently made a few changes that make my salon much more hospitable. A local carpenter built some risers for my ponj cushions. Lifting them off the floor, in a more sofa-like manner, has made my aging back much happier.

I then decided to move my dining table/desk/clutter collector into the main room, and finally hung an original watercolor by a would-be student who has never returned for class. Snapshots of the folks back home, and various works by my dar chebab kids, round out my art collection.

Speaking of household appliances (or at least furnishings), thanks to Faye I have successfully been telling my first joke in the local language:
A young man tells his mother that he's ready to begin looking for a wife.
Mom: "Well, what kind of wife are you looking for?"
Son: "I want one who is tall, white (i.e., fair/beautiful), and will spend all her time in the kitchen, working hard day and night."
Mom: (heavy sigh) "Son, you want to marry the refrigerator?"
It's obvious when I tell it that it's an old, old joke, but it still kills ~ most likely because people are so delighted I can actually tell it.

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Anonymous said...

Googled the word "ponj" to try and explain how people sleep in Morocco. Your blog was the only image that came up! Hope your service is going (went) well.